Source rock and reservoir rock

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Chapter 2: Source Rock 4 2. Determining source rock potential 6 2.

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Thus migration links the source rock to the reservoir.

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Source rocks” and “reservoirs” are major components of the Petroleum System, consisting of a mature source rock, migration pathway, reservoir rock, trap, and seal (e.

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Source rocks are often offset from the.

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Three main reservoir-seal pairs, associated with stratigraphic traps, have been identified within the Cretaceous succession (Rollet et al.

Maturation and expulsion 7 2.

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For this reason, coal petrology must be considered in a broad geologic.


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, 2016b).

The largely gas-prone source rocks in the western part of the SPB are predominantly Late Carboniferous in age and have been identified from isotopic gas analyses as mixed origin: a low maturity.

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As discussed in last paper (Assignment I, 2014) petroleum system is made of different elements which encompass reservoir rock.


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Idealized petroleum system model showing interrelationship of source rocks, expulsion and migration pathways, reservoir seals, and conventional and.

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, Pashin et al.


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Typical reservoir rocks are sandstones and carbonate rocks.

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Characterizing of source rocks 5 2.


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A reservoir rock: This is a rock that can store oil and gas.


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Definitions of source rock types 5 2.

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Determining source rock potential 6 2.

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The rocks that can both store and transmit the oil are the reservoir rocks.


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Reservoir rock is permeable meaning oil and gas can pass or flow slowly through it.